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Multi-rings keyring with PU leather strap. Size 11x2x0.5 cm
Metal LED torch key ring with bottle opener. Battery included Size dia 1.5x7 cm
Mini Visible
Child high visibility vest with 2 horizontal reflective bands. 100% polyester. Size 45x40 cm
Anti-stress ball. PU material. Size dia 6 cm
LED ABS rubberized torch with 10 LED lights and magnet on rear with hand strap. 3 AAA Batteries not included. Size dia 4.5x23 cm
10 gr sugar free mints packed in a practical push-type dispenser. Size 8x4.8x08 cm
Ilumix Colour
Light bulb key ring. Twist mechanism to turn on/off. 4 AG3 batteries included. Size dia 2.9x4.7 cm
Hammer and bottle opener made of carbon steel. Handle in TPR. Size 24x11x3 cm
19 piece tool set with 4 sockets 7-10 mm, 1 Hex key. 10 assorted screwdriver bits, 1 metre tape, 1 handle, 1 extender and 1 torch, 2 AA batteries not included. Size 21.5x15.3x2.6 cm
5 LED with various light settings: steady, light only on top. revolving, blinking and flashing, on/off switch, with part rubberized transparent housing, magnet and foldable hooks on the bottom. Size dia 9.6x3.3 cm
Measuring tape with carabiner. 1.78 metres long. Size 8.5x4.7x1 cm
Bluetooth anti-loss/ finder device made in durable ABS material. It works with a free app available in both iOS and Android. Attach the device to your bag. keys or luggage and whenever your belongings are lost the device will help you to find them. The ad
House shaped metal key ring, shiny nickel finish. Size 3.7x3x0.2 cm
Foldable sun car visor in aluminium foil with 2 elastic bands for better storage. Size 120x60x0.2 cm
Small torch in aluminium, 3 white LED light and snap hook key ring. 3 LR44 batteries included. Size 5.5x dia 1.1 cm
Metal rectangular key ring. Individually packed in a black gift box. Size 8x3.5x0.5 cm
House Soft
Key ring made of silicone with trolley token containing house shaped design, made of metal. Size 5x4.5x0.4 cm
Tool set with 11 multi-function pocket knife and compact metal torch including 9 LED white lights in anodised aluminium finish. 3 AAA batteries included. Presented in gift box. Size 13.7x8.2x3.7 cm
House shaped key ring, in brushed finish metal. Size 6.5x3.9x0.3 cm
Anti-stress truck shaped. PU material. Size 15x4x3 cm
HIPS 3 LED emergency car torch with magnet at the back. 4 AG3 batteries included. Size 6x2.2x1.5 cm
Ice scraper made of ABS with 3 LED lights. 4 batteries LR4I included. Size 21x9.5x1.7 cm
Cora mint
Heart shaped polypropylene plastic mint box dispenser. Contains 12 grams of mint. Size 75x4.8x0.6 cm
Wooden ruler pen. Blue ink. Size 18x0.9x0.9 cm
29 Piece tool set with 6 precision screwdriver set. 5 hex keys, 1 electrician's tape, 10 bits set, 1 socket screwdriver, 1 electrician's screwdriver, 1 cutter, 1 combination pliers, 1 adjustable wrench, hammer and tape. Size 27.5x18.5x6 cm
Metal key ring In steering wheel shape. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size dia 4.3x0.8 cm
Anti-stress globe shape. PU material. Size 36 cm
1 Watt LED torch made of ABS in rubberized finish. Rechargeable by USB plug. Size dia 3x13 cm
Colour Twices
Aluminium key ring bottle opener in shiny finish. Size 8x1x2 cm
Tool set in 600D polyester/ PU pouch containing a socket wrench with 4 heads, an extender, a hex key in 3 sizes, and a screwdriver with 9 changeable heads. Size 14.5x9x3.5 cm
Metal rectangular key ring with coloured polyester webbing. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 9x3.5x0.8 cm
Metal key ring in matt pearl finish in hollow heart shape decoration with polyester webbing holding the metal ring. Individual gift box. Size 5.5x2.5x0.6 cm
Car safety kit including dynamo torch, high visibility vest, instant cold pack, polyester gloves and a first aid kit. Presented in EVA zipper pouch. Size 25.5x15.5x8.5 cm
Anti-stress decision dice shape. PU material. Size 6x6x6 cm
1m ABS measuring tape in round shape. With push button to fold and unfold it. Has cm and inches measurement. Size dia 5x1.4 cm
PVC neon green reflective arm strap foldable with black velvet on the back. Size 32x3 cm
Plastic LED flashlight with key ring. Blue LED. 3 cell batteries included. Size dia 1.6x6.5 cm
Truck shaped metal key ring. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 10.5x2.8x0.4 cm
Safety waistcoat made in 100% knitted polyester with Class 2 high visibility reflective tape. Size 65x70 cm
Steel multi-function pocket knife with an ABS surface. 13 functions. Size 8.5x2.3x18 cm
Plastic ice scraper with warm protective glove. Size 23x17.5 cm
5m ABS professional measuring tape in red case. Includes hand strap and shiny silver metal clip. Size 6.5x6.5x3.5 cm
Round shaped metal key ring with trolley token. Size 7x3.5x05 cm
Multi-tool with torch. 4 white LED's and 1 red flashing LED for emergency use. Includes 8 multi-tools. ABS with stainless steel. 3 x AAA batteries not included. Size 14x4.5x2.9 cm
Sombra light
Set of 2 car window shades made of polyester. Includes 2 suction cup holders. Size 44x36 cm
Round shaped metal key ring, shiny nickel finish. Size dia 3.3x0.2 cm
Always clean up after your pet with this plastic container with hook. Includes 10 PE waste bags to pick up your dog's waste. Size dia 4.1x10 c
Emergency torch with tool kit including 7 indispensable tools. 4C size batteries not included. Size 37.5x18.5x10 cm
Stainless steel multifunctional carabiner with 3 tools: serrated blade, bottle opener, knife and file. Size 8.5x5x13 cm
2 in 1 device, power bank 6000 mAh and car jump starter. The life of the car jump starter is 10 times on a full charge. 0utput:12V SB output voltage:5V/2.1A Charge mode: CC/CV15V/1A. Peak current:300A. Size 2.1x7.9x13.5 cm
Mo Gomery
Multi-function pocket knife in anodised aluminium finish. 11 functions. Size 9x2.5x15 cm
Wooden carpenters pencil with 14 cm ruler. Size 17.6x1x0.8 cm
Children vest in triangle shape made of polyester. Size 37x22 cm
Rueda Tool
25 piece tool set in tyre shaped box including 1 extender, 1 socket screwdriver, 1 nose plier, 5 sockets. 3 hex keys, 10 bits set, 2 precision screwdrivers and 1 tape. Size dia 16x5.5 cm
Extendable torch made of aluminium with 1 LED and hook on top. 2 CR2032 battery included. Size dia 2.7x8.5 cm
Car key
Metal key ring with car detail on the bottom. Individually packed in black box. Size 2.9x5.3 cm
Multicolour jelly beans in a glass container jar with metallic cover. 30 grams candy. Size 5.5x5x35 cm
Torch powered both by solar panel and dynamo. ABS casing with satin silver spray. Size 9x4.9x3.3 cm
Key ring made of ABS in workers helmet shape with torch. 3 AGIO battery included. Size 4.8x3.3x2.2 cm
3 in 1 emergency hammer with belt cutter and LED light made of ABS. 3 AG3 batteries included. Size 13x7.5x2.8 cm
Drive Safe
Alcohol tester in ABS housing. Sound alert function and 2 units measure of alcohol level. %BAC & g/L. to select on the LCD display. Delivered with grey wrist strap in an individual gift box. 2 AAA batteries not included. Item not available in France. Size
Aluminium LED torch in matt finish with metal clip. 3 cell batteries included. Size dia 1.9x9 cm
Metal key ring with heart detail on the bottom. Individually packed in black box. Size 2.9x5.3 cm
Compact metal torch including 9 LED white lights presented in gift box. 3 x AAA batteries included. Size dia 2.8x9 cm
Metal key ring plate. Size 11x3.5x0.2 cm
Car Soft
Key ring made of silicone with trolley token containing car shaped design, made of metal. Size 5x4.5x0.5 cm
Metal key ring with globe decoration inside. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 7x3.5x0.4 cm
1W LED light, aluminium torch with compass on rear and car charger included with hand strap and black rubber handle. Size dia 3.5x16 cm
Anti-stress square shape. PU material Size 4.5x45x4.5 cm
Girl shaped zinc alloy keyring. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 3.5x2.9x0.6 cm
Tool set with 25 essential tools including pliers, wire scissors, screwdrivers and several screwdriver heads, presented in a convenient foldable pouch. 600D polyester. Size 15x16x3.9 cm
Fire blanket made of fibre glass presenting in PVC pouch. Size 33x18 cm.
Anti-stress rugby ball. PU material. Size 9.4x06 cm
Bilanco Torch
5 LED solar torch made of ABS with flashing light function and 2 or 5 LED mode selectable. Size 11.5x4.5x1.8 cm.
Aluminium white LED light with carabiner packed in gift box. 4 cell batteries included. Size dia 1.4x8.5x1.7 cm
Light bulb key ring with white LED light. 3 cell batteries included. Each in a gift box. Size 9x3x2.9 cm
Anti-stress baseball shape. PVC material. Size dia 4.9 cm
Emergeny blanket made in shiny silver PET. Helps retain body heat. Size 130x208 cm
Tool set presented in aluminium case containing 1 nose plier, 1 cutting plier, socket screwdriver, 1 extender, 10 pieces bit set, 1 tweezers and 6 precision screwdriver. Size 18x13.5x3 cm
Retractable knife. Clear finish and coloured body. Size 12.5x2.5x1.5 cm
Steel multi-function pocket knife in matt finish. 11 functions. Size 9x2.5x2 cm
PU key ring with square metal plate. Size 8.5x3.2x0.8 cm
Simply Torch
9 White LED torch made of ABS with strap. 3 AAA batteries not included. Size dia 3.1x9.7 cm.
3 in 1 emergency hammer with 3 LED dynamo torch and belt cutter. ABS plastic in smooth rubber finish. Size 15x8x3.2 cm
6 LED lights aluminium mini torch with hand strap. 2 cell batteries included. Size dia 2.5x6 cm
House mint dispenser. 6 grams mints included. Size 7x6x0.7 cm
Steel multi-purpose pliers in 300D polyester case. 9 functions. Size 13.5x7x2 cm
Foldable cover for protecting your backpack and waterproof with antireflection straps. Made ol 210D polyester. Size 11x3x15 cm
Metal key ring with bottle opener. Size 8.5x2.9x0.9 cm
Tool set presented in a plastic window box containing 1 plier, 1 claw hammer, 1 socket screwdriver. 1 adjustable wrench and 11 piece bit sets. Size 31x18x5 cm
2 LED dynamo mini torch with keyring. Simply turn the handle to charge the light. Size 4x3.2x1.5 cm
LED light key ring in plastic with thumbs-up shape. 3 cell battery included. Size 5.5x4.5x2 cm
Aluminium torch with 6 LED lights, bottle opener and carabiner hook. Batteries included. Size dia 2.6x10 cm
Anti-stress football shape. PU material. Size dia 6 cm
Zinc alloy doming keyring. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 7.5x2.8x0.4 cm
Big Blinkie
Car emergency red LED light with magnets on the reverse side. 3 AAA battery not included. Size dia 7.8x4.4 cm
Flexible 1m steel ruler in sguare shape plastic with keyring Size 4x4x1 cm
Classic square keyring in zinc alloy. Individually packed in a black gift box. Size 7x3.5x0.7 cm
2 LED ABS dynamo torch. Size 10x5x2.5 cm
Easy tin with about 28 grams of mints. Size 6x4.9x1.7 cm
Key ring made of ABS with light in torch shape. 3 AGIO batteries included. Size 7.5x3x1.2 cm
Extendable aluminium torch with 3 LED light and magnet on top and clip on side. 4 Batteries LR44 included. Maximum length 57 cm. Size dia 2.2x17 cm
2m ABS professional measuring tape in matt silver case. Includes hand strap and shiny silver metal clip. Size 6x5.5x2.3 cm
Keyring with flat LED light. ABS. 2 cell battery included. Size 4.5x3.4x0.6 cm
Credit card mint dispenser. 6 grams mint included. Size 75x4.8x0.6 cm
Classic square key ring in zinc alloy. Presented in black box. Size 7x3.5x0.7 cm
Foldable 25 pieces tool set including tweezers, 6 pc screwdriver set, extender. 4 pc socket set, flat-nose pliers, cutting pliers, and a lOpc bit set packed in a plastic box. Size 15.5x10x4.9 cm
Key ring in car key shape with white LED light and pop up ball pen with blue ink refill. Size 6.5x3.5x1.5 cm
Metal and PU leather key ring. Black gift box. Size 9x3.1x0.6 cm
Zinc alloy key ring with nickel plating. Individually packed in black box. Size 4.9x3.7x0.2 cm
Smoke detector in plastic casing with red operating light. Includes screws for easy fixing. One 9 Volt battery included. Size dia10x3.4 cm
Digital tyre pressure gauge, including 2 powerful LED lights and red light indicator. ABS material. 5 cell batteries included. Size 14x3.2x3.2 cm
Satin silver torch keyring with 2 white LED bulbs powered by solar panel. Size 6.5x3.9x15 cm
Key ring and card holder set presented in a black box. Size 13.5x13x3 cm
Anti-stress in cloud shape. PU material. Size 8x2.5x5 cm
Chocolates in glass holder. 30 grams. Size 5.5x5.5x3.5 cm
Led Plus
LED aluminium torch. Delivered with 3xAAA batteries and a detachable strap. Presented in tin box. Size dia 2.5x8.5 cm
10 gr sugar-free mints in plastic container and tin cover. Easy-press opening. Size dia 4.7x1.6 cm
Anti-stress heart shape. PU material. Size 7x6.5x5.5 cm
Key ring made of ABS with torch light and trolley token on the reverse side. 1 CR1220 battery included. Size 7x2.5x1 cm
inc alloy boy shaped keyring. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 3.6x2.9x0.7 cm
Tool set with 9 LED aluminium torch and aluminium multi tool in pen shape. Includes 3 slotted and 3 Phillips screwdriver heads. 3 AAA batteries excluded. Presented in box. Size 14x8x3.9 cm
Mini aluminium torch with 1 LED key ring. 4 batteries LR44 included. Size dia 1.6x6.5 cm
Credit card mint dispenser with 7 toothpicks and 30 mints approx. 4 grams. Size 79x4.8x0.6 cm
3m ABS professional measuring tape in silver case. Includes hand strap and shiny silver metal clip. Size 7x5x3 cm
Tedy Light
LED torch made of ABS with waste bag dispenser. 10 bags and carabiner on side. 3 LR1I30 batteries included. Size dia 4x10 cm
10 gr mints in sliding lid tin. Size 4.5x11 cm
Anti-stress in light bulb shape. PU material. Size 9.5x5.5 cm
LED torch key ring. 3 cell batteries included. Size 6x2.4x0.8 cm
Ok Doc
Anti-stress doctor shape. PU material. Size 9x5x3 cm
House key
Metal key ring with house detail on the bottom. Individually packed in black box. Size 2.9x5.3 cm
Ice scraper and sweeper with handle. Size 15.5x10x1.5 cm
2 m measuring tape. Includes a memo pad, ball pen and spirit level. Size 8x6x3 cm
Metal key ring in house shape. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size 6.5x4.4x1 cm
Multi-tool holder and LED torch in ABS casing with metallic finish. Includes 6 different interchangeable screwdriver heads. 3 cell batteries included. Size 10x3.2x1.6 cm
Anti-stress in helmet shape. PU material. Size 8x6.5x4.5 cm
Mini personal alarm in ABS which activates when the pin is pulled it is attached to a key ring. It also has 1 white LED light. 3 AG13 batteries included. Size 6x3.8x2.2 cm
Red LED aluminium torch with carabiner hook. 4 cell batteries included. Individually packed in a black carton gift box. Size dia 1.6x10x2.6 cm
Twist action spirit level pen in ABS with ruler, stylus and phillips head and flat head screw driver bits. Black ink. Size 11x1.1x14.5 cm
Love mint
24 gr sweet heart shaped candies in heart shaped tin box. Size 6.5x6x1.8 cm